What Is the Process of Going Paperless with VDR

Paperless vaults are a long-standing and inefficient way to manage documents, but many companies still have not gone paperless, despite all the possibilities in today’s world. Nevertheless, more and more executives are beginning to realize that they must fully digitalize their document workflow if they want to compete in today’s marketplace. This will give them the benefits of instant access, fast sharing, and efficient collaboration. Virtual data rooms are the best solution a company can offer in a paperless environment.

What is the first step in moving to a paperless work environment?

One of the main reasons why companies are still using physical documents is the lack of an initiative to go digital from the leader. It’s up to the leader to pave the way because, in most cases, employees are all for making their jobs easier, new experiences, and increasing productivity. Try to engage your team in the transition to a paperless office with various incentives for being proactive. Set an example for others by taking responsibility for their filing cabinet and its scanning. You should also ensure that employees are aware of the benefits of digitalization. Finance and legal departments may be the ones who have the most trouble, as they may feel that this way of storing documents does not comply with regulatory requirements.

Educate your employees on the specifics of a virtual data room. These are certified spaces that meet international security standards. They provide advanced security features, including watermarks and NDA agreements, that will give even the most sensitive data with guaranteed security. Plus, don’t forget to mention that you’ll use them to simplify document management, access, and sharing internally and with customers and partners.

Scan documents into the VDR space

Before you scan documents, you need to do the dirty work, identify and eliminate obsolete documents, and organize a structured file system. Virtual data rooms streamline and automate the process of moving data into the digital space. VDRs automatically index and convert documents, simplifying logical ordering. You can create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders, move documents with drag-and-drop functionality, and use smart keyword searching later. Data has backed up automatically, and on an ongoing basis, so you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your documents in the online space. The key is consistency. If your employees aren’t up to the task of scanning both incoming and existing records, hire a temporary employee for the job. All employees who do the scanning should follow the same guidelines.

Educate your customers about the transition to the digital space

Contact your customers and partners and let them know about the change to the digital area. Make them aware of all the benefits that will come from using VDRs for communication and document management, and familiarize them with the use of the platform. For customers, the main benefits will be:

  • Mobility – they can share, review, and sign documents from any device and location
  • Effective communication – Q&A sessions and encrypted chats are equipped with strong security and ensure that you can discuss the most confidential issues in their space
  • Simplified collaboration -Automated search and viewer capabilities will provide faster document review, and you can share, annotate and comment on documents

For a company that has moved to digital document management with a virtual data room, you can add high-end security settings that allow you to customize the level of user access to documents with incredible flexibility and tracking and automatic reporting features to these benefits.


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